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Reconciling in the register
Kevin Harris - January 2, 2011

The 5 Most Common QuickBooks Blunders … and solutions you can understand

This is the third entry in series of five.

I have worked with over one hundred QuickBooks using businesses and individuals over the past two years.  Many QuickBooks users are doing themselves a disservice by continuing to use the system in ways that are causing more problems than not.  Here are the issues that I see on a regular basis, and painless approaches to ridding oneself of being ordinary.

Reconciling in the register.

I’m always amazed at how many users of QuickBooks I come across who insist on manually placing the checkmarks in the bank account register when a transaction clears the bank. Do they not see the icon on the desktop called “Reconcile”? These are the same individuals who are scrolling through the register looking for transactions that don’t have the manual checkmark, adding them back into the register balance, and hoping that the resulting amount matches the bank balance. Talk about unnecessary.


Solution: Click that “Reconcile” icon on the desktop (or in the “Banking” menu). Fill in the information, hit continue, and start checking off transactions on the next screen. Not only will you find this process to be pleasant and easy, you will unearth a feeling of gratification upon completion, knowing that you have not only balanced your checking account for the first time ever, but you have a cute little report that tells you about all those transactions that haven’t yet cleared.


***QuickTip to save time…

Now that you’re ready to reconcile your bank and credit card accounts properly, try this. When you go to check off a string of transactions on the reconciliation screen, instead of clicking on each one individually… you can click on the first, hold the mouse button down, and scroll with the mouse. QuickBooks has never been so, ummm, fun.

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