“The people at QuickSolvers have proven to be an invaluable addition to my team. They always under-promise and over-deliver, and I have been able to slash my overall accounting bill and my time spent doing something that I am ill-suited to complete. I would recommend them highly, and have, to anyone who needs top-flight QuickBooks help.”

- Edward Enright, HomeVestors–Quick Draw Properties

Zaibak Center for Advanced Dentistry

…you will quickly recognize his strengths, character and abilities.

“I have known Kevin Harris since 2008. He started as my QuickBooks guy and later grew into a friend and a business advisor. If you work closely with Kevin and his team at Quicksolvers, you will quickly recognize his strengths, character and abilities. From other sources you will be made aware of his excellent, excellent academic record and work history. What I can testify to is that Kevin Harris is a man of outstanding character: disciplined, hardworking, trustworthy and responsible. And may I also add very fair!

He has high standards for his work and goals for the overall success of my business; and he works steadily and without drama to meet or exceed them. Kevin is poised, personable and well mannered, and surprisingly easygoing given his mass projects. Twice per month Kevin maintains my books and advises me on my business matters on a personal level. I can say that much of his advice has yielded positive results. It is very satisfying to have him take over a good portion of my business load because I know he will take care of anything that comes up.

The two things that I appreciate most about Kevin Harris are that he is a logical, non-emotional thinker, and that he is trustworthy. He seems to know that choices have consequences and he lives by a code of ethics that leads him to respect himself, others and his environment. It is a great pleasure knowing him. Thank you Kevin & QuickSolvers for everything!”

- Dr. Zak Zaibak, Zaibak Center for Advanced Dentistry

Muldoon & Associates, Inc., ‘Connect to Patients’

“It is difficult to pick just a few attributes that best describe Kevin Harris’ services through his company, QuickSolvers, Inc. The results are phenomenal. He is able to quickly solve any ‘problem’ I seem to have with my QuickBooks software. He thinks efficiently and strategically, always with his customers’ best interest in mind to systematize the accounting. He is extremely personable, provides an excellent service at a reasonable cost, he is trustworthy, proactive, and fun to be around. I am also very impressed with Kevin’s ability to come up with quick, creative solutions to QuickBooks issues.”

- Kelly Muldoon, Muldoon & Associates / Connect to Patients

Open Roads

“It was a pleasure working with QuickSolvers, and I look forward to continued collaboration in the future. QuickSolvers' staff are hard working and efficient with a terrific eye for detail. That, combined with high integrity and moral character, is a terrific combination. It is my pleasure to recommend them.”

- Trevor Hall, Open Roads

Interpath Limited

“The team at QuickSolvers quickly understood a unique and complicated business model and were able to design and communicate the correct flow for the accounting / financial application, through QuickBooks of course. They are very sharp, communicate well, and are easy to work with.”

- Erik Jaason, USA Representative at Interpath PTY LTD

“As the owner of a small and growing business, QuickSolvers is great! I brought them in to show me the basics of QuickBooks, reconcile my books, and keep me organized. I get personalized attention and the comfort of knowing that the job is being done right. They save me time and money, and give me one less thing to worry about.”

- Khaled Oweimrin, Chicago PT Management, Inc.

"The team at QuickSolvers has been a key asset and trusted guide in helping us organize our company's financial reporting. Their expertise in reconciliation of our accounts in QuickBooks, the training of our office bookkeeper, and assistance in helping us establish our monthly financial reports has been critically important for our company.

QuickSolvers has helped make this arduous process manageable through their professionalism and positive attitude. It is obvious that they enjoy what they do and are good at it. I would recommend QuickSolvers to other business owners looking to improve their financial record keeping, which is vital for success, especially in today's environment."

-  Dimitri Nassis, T. Andrews Construction